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From connoisseurs' tip to expanding company

SCHEU Analog (Germany) began 20 years ago with Thomas Scheu's “passion for tinkering” has grown into a company with customers throughout the world.

The trained toolmaker and talented musician Thomas Scheu built his first record player in 1985. Apart from his passion, he was aided by his skill at solution-oriented thinking, his familiarity with materials science and his talent for design and construction both in developing his ideas and expanding his company. One special highlight of what was still a hobbyist career at the time was the presentation of the “Golden Ear Award” 2001.

In December 2004 – after his sad death – his wife Ulla Scheu took over the responsibility for running the company. She fully comprehended how to meld the Scheu tradition with modern commerce. Thus she continues to hark back to her husband's ideas but has put paid to the image of being a select secret for connoisseurs only, investing in advertising and expansion to bring the merits of “his” work to the wider public.

“We carry on and there will be further innovations but they will always have their roots in his ideas,” says Ulla Scheu of her own personal view of the company and indeed giving an insight of her view of life as a whole.

Scheu Analog has come to achieve major status in the audiophile hi-fi market and running the company is now a full-time job.

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