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The Premier is our most popular standard turntable and is available in a number of variants. It has been conceived as a heavyweight turntable distinguished by individual design details.
The bearing developed by Thomas Scheu is an inverted precision turntable bearing (the spindle is situated on the base while the bearing shell is inside the platter) made of 100Cr6 ball bearing steel with a contact surface hardness of 62 HRC and bearing tolerance range h6/H6, as used in other turntables. The solid spindle screwed into the base plate has a ceramic ball on top of it. The low-resonance, heavy acrylic turntable is effectively suspended on the bearing and therefore provides its own stabilisation. The DC motor in its own solid housing is separated from the platter and quickly runs up to the speed selected via the rocker switch (33 or 45 rpm). Fine adjustment is handled by a potentiometer, while power is provided from a plug-in transformer.

Connection between motor and turntable is made by means of a “string” composed of ultra-fine nylon thread. The advantage of such a “string” drive lies in the fact that the contacting surface transmitting the force is small. This means fluctuations in tension and unnecessary friction can be minimised. A cylindrical ring filled with resonance absorbing lead shot is located between the base plate, with its three height-adjustable threaded spikes, and the one- or two-lobed tone arm base. Either 9" or 12" tone arms may be fitted. The Premier MKIII even offers the capability of mounting two tone arms, which can even be of different lengths. There is also a choice of turntable heights: 50 mm (weighing 4.5 kg) and 80 mm (7.5 kg).

The Premier will play in combination with any tone arm marketed in the world – easily, effortlessly and with great depth. Depending on the combination of system and tone arm, the tonal colour can be rich and the bass reproduction impressively deep. With our own tone arms, the sound reproduction is seamless, clear, perfectly ordered and elemental in its power.


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