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Based on our flagship Hera preamplifier, the Athena offers reference level performance in a more compact single box design. The Athena uses four 6H30P tubes in a mu-follower configuration to provide outstanding detail and dynamics. A seperate power supply housing two torroidal transformers keeps the noise floor extremely low and provides power to the enormous power supplies located in the main chassis. Features include a phase invert button, unity gain bypass, buffered tape monitor, processor loop and a motorized stepped attenuator.

Like the Hera, every aspect of the Athena design is aimed at maintaining near perfect signal integrity. To that end, we have designed a stepped attenuator that uses purely resistive elements to derive more than 120 individual volume steps. The switch itself is proprietary and manufactured in Switzerland specifically for Rogue Audio. A miniature slipper clutch (much like those used in racing vehicles) connects the massive attenuator to a motor that can then be remotely controlled. All functional switching is done via heavy duty silver switches rather than being routed through a silicon chip. Capacitors, resistors and all other critical parts are of the highest quality as well. The chassis itself is a fully machined work of industrial art that provides the mechanical and electrical isolation necessary for the incredibly low noise floor of the Athena. The ultra-sophisticated design also includes a phase invert button, balance bypass, processor loop, unity gain bypass and a host of other features. Our design goal was to closely approach the performance of the Hera in a more compact single box design - We think you will be very happy with the results.

General Features:
- Four 6H30P tubes
- Remote controlled stepped attenuator w/ volume and mute
- Phase invert button
- Home theater (unity gain) bypass
- Mono button
- Processor Loop
- Tape monitor
- Balance/Balance defeat
- Five gain settings
- CNC machined aluminum chassis

- 4 pairs RCA inputs
- 2 pairs RCA outputs
- 1 pair Balanced XLR inputs
- 2 pairs Balanced XLR outputs
- 1 pair unity gain inputs (cinema bypass)

- Main Chassis: 18.25” W x 15.25” D x 5” H
- Power Supply Chassis: 4” W x 11” D x 4” H
- Weight 45 pounds
- Shipping weight 50 pounds


Frequency response:

  • 5Hz - 150KHz +/- 0dB
  • 1 Hz - 300kHz +0/-3dB

THD <0.1%

Gain 12dB single ended 15dB Balanced
Rated output 1V RMS
Output impedance 220 Ohms
Maximum Output 25V Peak

Specifications subject to change without notice


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