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The Absolute Speaker Cable resides with Acoustic Zen’s purest 7N “Zero Crystal” silver wire assembled in a hybrid configuration with “Zero Crystal” copper. The sonic results of this hybrid design can be heard in the cable’s dramatic reduction of energy storage that in turn greatly improves high current signal flow interactions.

The Absolute Speaker cable employs Acoustic Zen’s “Constant Air Twist” geometry. Each conductor is double insulated, first by air-inducted foam Teflon that carries the flexible twist array and second by end-to-end intermediary air insulation that enhances rejection of all forms of noise interference. The objective outcome of this unique design symmetry and hybrid material purity is stunning: inductance of 0.41 uH/ft and resistance of 0.008 ohm/ft. With the Absolute Speaker Cables you’ll hear deeper lows and more thrilling mids…the sense of spatial “openness” improves and sonic textures become more completely engaging, more real and more vivid.

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Double Barrel

Acoustic Zen's newest speaker cable is the Double Barrel. Designed to be a true shotgun configuration, the Double Barrel is made exclusively for a full range speaker that can be bi-wired. With each conductor handling a specific frequency range, the Double Barrel will bring a new resolution and fidelity to your speakers.

Each conductor is specifically designed to add musicality. For Mid-Hi Pass one half of the Double Barrel is loaded with 10AWG 6N multi-stranded Zero Crystal copper wrapped in DupontTM TeflonTM. . The other half of the Double Barrel is exclusively intended for Low Pass and is loaded with 8AWG 6N multi-stranded Zero Crystal copper wrapped in DupontTM TeflonTM . Electrical isolation is accomplished by correlating circuit geometries with our exclusive constant Air-Twist.

The Double Barrel possesses an incredibly refined sense of timber. Instruments and voice are presented with proper weight and body. Textures are fundamental and organic in their realism, amazing recapturing of ambient cues give a realistic feeling of the air and space that surround instruments.

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The Hologram II comes in either Bi-wire or a true mono configuration. You will find the Hologram II fills the needs of most audiophiles, tight, accurate bass, warm and full midrange and a clean open high frequency across the entire audio spectrum. Like all Acoustic Zen products the Hologram II is made from pure 6N Zero Crystal copper, which eliminates the thousands of boundaries that occur when the copper is manufactured. The Hologram II speaker cable offers a fuller and deeper detailed sound, with magnificent imaging, soundstage and focus.

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An incrementally layered, multiple strand, non-extruded, pure "zero crystal" copper cable designed for amplified signal delivery in perfect phase with absolute spectral and tonal coherence; we believe there is none better: state of the art speaker cables that attain extraordinary imaging, ambient detail, and soundstage palpability.

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