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Acoustic Zen Technologies


  (USA) was founded by legendary cable design engineer ROBERT LEE. It is a research-oriented cable product
development company. The aim from the company's outset was to explore acoustical behavior and the sonic transmission of live music in order to make innovative cable designs that build upon recent advances in materials research and manufacturing.

Robert Lee has been a cable design engineer and design-consultant for more than thirty years. His amplifiers have won awards. His speaker designs continue to earn critical praise. His new line of Acoustic Zen cables received immediate positive attention when they were introduced into the audiophile market. At the 2001 CES Show in Las Vegas, Acoustic Zen was singled out by critics and industry insiders for its innovative product deign and, also, for the extraordinary sound quality achieved in its suite at the Alexis Park hotel complex.

Other audiophile product manufacturers used ACOUSTIC ZEN cables at CES 2001 and continue to employ them as interconnect and cable references for their ongoing product design work. Among these are McCormack of Virginia (a division of Conrad-Johnson); Grand Prix Audio; Soliloquy; Art Audio, and others.

Robert Lee's musical orientation, which frames his design of all Acoustic Zen cable products, is discussed in the "white papers" posted here on our website. We invite you to call, e-mail, or visit us to discuss your questions, insights, and observations regarding the highest quality delivery of music. At Acoustic Zen, the most beautiful, transparent and accurate delivery of music is our sole aim. Thus, our motto:

MUSIC . . . No Compromise!

Made in the USA!

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